Long Time

Wow, it’s been a long time since I tried to post something.  I really forgot about the blog until my niece started blogging and then I thought, hey wait a minute, I think I have a blog.  So here I am again!



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Jessie looking for yarn in Vilnius, Lithuania


So Jessie was over last night, knitting.  She actually made her dad supper for Father’s Day, but we were able to have some knice knitting conversation and we did get some knitting done.  She said, “I have to figure out how to manage new projects and finish my current projects.” I had to kind of giggle a little.  Manage?  Manage? Just let them take over your life and see where you end up!  Welcome to the wonderful world of knitting!  (Where everything should begin with kn!)


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So I have been thinking, May could be my charity knitting month.  I already have one pair of slippers for my mother-in-law and 2 pair for KIG.  I also sent off a helmet liner to Ann this morning.  So why not!  I think I will name May, Pat’s Charity Knitting month!  What do you think?

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My son…my phone…

My son is very techie.  Very techie.  I know he knows everything.  Everything.  But after many hours on my own trying on my own to fix my phone, I talked to him last night.  I had been wondering how to do  a factory reset on my phone.  That was one of the only things I thought would help. So I called him last night, he googled, my phone’s model number and hard reset.  Bingo.  Within 5 mins, my phone was syncing with my pc and life was restored.  By life I mean all my calendar appts, important phone numbers, (like Karen Z’s) and all my other goodies.  Thank you son.  I should have asked you first, but I thought I could do it on my own.  Love you!!

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My Phone

I love my phone. I need my phone. I sync my phone with my home computer and I can keep all my phone numbers, addresses, calendar appts on my phone.  My phone decided not to sync.  Is this some Microsoft plot? I am not super busy, that I can’t stay organized, but I like my contacts.  One of the tips to fix the problem was to go to my phone, and delete account.  So I did that.  It DELETED ALL OF MY CONTACTS.  IT DELETED ALL OF MY APPTS!  I’m lost. I can’t handle it. I might have to go back to paper and pencil.  The horror of it all.  I might have to get a new phone, using yarn money of course.  Anything I want is weighed in yarn money.  Seriously.  I have one more trick to try tonight, when I get home, so cross your fingers!

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I was making some slippers for charity. My mother-in-law is wanting to give some slippers to her VFW Aux to send to the troops.  So I thought I could make a pair or two for her.  I thought then that I needed a new pair of slippers.  I had some leftover yarn and thought I could make due.  (  I don’t know which do should be used.  Not dew certainly. Dew, do.) I love how fuzzy furry the Lopi felts.  Lopi and Paton’s together, not recommended.  I looked at ravelry.com and I couldn’t believe how many projects were show.  Amazing.  Lots and lots of red and gray versions!  I might try my hand at embellishing.  I wonder how that is spelled?

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Mother’s Day

As Mother’s Day is approaching, I was thinking about mom.  And how I never realized she was my first crocheting/knitting inspiration.  She loved the towels that hang from the stove door or a cupboard drawer.  She loved square dishclothes.  Where would my knitting be without mom? Where would anyone be without mothers?  Mom just knew you could do anything you wanted to do.  She was a natural cheerleader.  She was what we call a really nice person.  Not perfect, I know that, but really nice.  She cared about people.  Thanks Mom!

When we talk about mom, we will often refer to her by her name, Billie.  I’m not sure why.  We miss mom, and I guess we always will.


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